Protect Our Beaches, Inc.

Many citizens, one voice dedicated to protecting Palm Beach County’s


What is Protect Our Beaches, Inc.?

Protect Our Beaches is a not-for-profit Florida corporation whose mission is to

advocate for a permanent solution to restoring and preserving the beaches in

Palm Beach County.

Why should I join this coalition?

If the long term viability of Palm Beach County’s beachfront affects you

personally or financially then you should join. The coalition invites membership

from any individual, association, business, or governmental entity that agrees

with the goal of a comprehensive long-term solution to preserve and protect

our coastline from erosion.

What are the goals for the coalition?

Our goal is to build a diverse, broad-based coalition whose members represent

all the stakeholders in Palm Beach County who are affected by the quality of our

beach front. We strive to include members that represent all sides of those

concerned with this issue including:

property owners, restaurants, condominium and homeowners associations,

civic groups, environmental groups, municipal officials, tourism industry,

resorts, chambers of commerce and others.

What are the benefits of membership?

The benefits of membership include:

• Professional lobbying representation

• Issue monitoring

• Professional staff and management

• Engineering and technical analysis

• Improved communications

• E-newsletters, issue briefings, website

• Coordinated advocacy

• Strength in numbers to enhance effectiveness

• Political leverage

• Unity of voice and message to achieve success

How much does it cost to join?

Annual membership is just $80 per homeowner. The coalition will also seek to

grow members at this level as well as corporate and association levels.


Read more at the Protect Our Beaches website here.